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PostSubject: Earn some extra cash:   Earn some extra cash: Icon_minitimeTue Dec 28, 2010 12:00 am

During this recession I have learned something. I have learned that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.
I don't know how many of you know about my unemployed status, but I have found a way to get me out of the dumps.

I was doing some research online for jobs from home, seeing as how I don't have a vehicle or a license for that matter... anyway, I stumbled across a few sites I liked. They are survey sites. You take surveys, they pay you money. The thing is, one caught my attention BIG TIME.

Has anyone here ever wanted to get PAID to play VIDEO GAMES??????

That is like my life's DREAM... Get paid to play video games... amongst other things.

They have multiple ways to make money on there. It is the best site I have found so far. So those of you that are interested, here is your way in.

Earn some extra cash: Banner_animated_468x60_01

If you have any questions just ask.

I hope you guys like the site as much as I do Wink

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Earn some extra cash:
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