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 What anime character are you?

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What anime character are you? Empty
PostSubject: What anime character are you?   What anime character are you? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 07, 2011 4:47 pm

So.. what Anime character are you?
For those of that watch anime, which character (of any anime show) would you be. Maybe mannerisms, looks, acts like you..b let us know.

Mine is too weird because I am female but the character I chose is MALE.
A little different but.. here goes:

What anime character are you? Sesshoumaru19
- Sesshoumaru -

Show: InuYasha
Info: InuYasha's older brother, royalty, (appears) cold hearted, deadly. Not exactly the type you go on picnics with if you know what I mean. He doesn't take no crap from anyone, and he gets his point across in a hurry. Not to mention he is just bad-ass.
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What anime character are you?
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